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Consigning to LUXE

At Luxe we prefer to call our consignors partners. Unlike traditional consigning relationships when a client provides an item from their closet to Luxe to resell we take the item, photograph, press, wrap and package the garment or accessory and give it back to the partner.

When the item is purchased the partner is notified by LUXE and a FedEx shipping label will be provided. A printer in your home is of course needed!

The parcel can be conveniently dropped off at any FedEx location.  This eliminates “has it sold yet” on the partners end and also allows for a “change of mind, I think I want to keep that Chanel bag it will be perfect to have for that party!” and not needing to ask for the item back and driving to Luxe to pick it up.

If desired, we can operate as shipper for the partner if this would be more convenient.  This option would require for the item to be kept at our LUXE headquarters.

If you’re interested in pursuing a partnership contact LUXel to find out more about our commission structure.

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